Behold: the Renault 5 Turbo 3 – an impressive ‘restomod’ of the classic 80s hot hatch and Group B racer.

Created by French custom house Legende Automobiles, the 400bhp four-cylinder Turbo 3 combines the best of the Turbo and Turbo 2 production vehicles, adding a slew of modern tech and materials including a full carbon fibre body, rear wheel arches even more flared than the outrageous haunches of the T2, digital instrument display, retro LED lights and dual-zone climate control system.

Price to be announced.


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Aoife writes:

This is poem about a nurse called Kelly.


A welcome hug…
When home seems so far away.
I clasp her wrist through each procedure.

Is another breath drawn.
I survived the night.
Despite, my bed feeling
more like teeth,
Gnawing at me.
Or was it anxiety?

Even if the trees outside keeping dying,
And I roam barefoot on the shards of my eyes.
Like a stray cat roams,
will take my hand;
Leading me home.

Aoife Cunningham

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Philip Nolan, Chair of the NPHET Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group delivering a press briefing on COVID-19 this afternoon in the Department of Health

This afternoon.

Department of Health, Dublin 2.

Via RTÉ:

Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of the NPHET Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group, said the median age of today’s Covid cases is 24.

He said at the moment it is a disease of young people dominated by those aged 19 to 24, followed by those aged 13 to 18, but in that age group it is mostly 16- and 17-year-olds followed by those aged 25 to 34.

“The current trajectory of the more transmissible Delta variant across the country means that unvaccinated people remain at high risk of contracting Covid-19.

“The pace at which our vaccination programme is operating means that it will not be long before you can avail of a vaccine. In the meantime, unvaccinated people should take all public health precautions to avoid contracting the disease.”


Professor Karina Butler, Chair of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee this afternoon

Professor Karina Butler, Chair of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC), said clinical trials estimated efficacy of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as 100% in the 12-15 age group, “making them extremely effective in preventing infection in this age cohort”.

“I would strongly encourage those aged 12-15 years of age with underlying medical conditions, those living with a younger child with complex medical needs, or with an immuno-compromised adult to accept vaccination as soon as it is offered,” she said.

Prof Butler said it is very reasonable for parents to pause and think about whether they need their children to get vaccinated.

Overwhelmingly, Covid is a mild disease in children and most children will be asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms, she said.

However, there will be a number of children who will have severe symptoms and be hospitalised – less than 1%.

….Prof Butler said taking all factors into account, and looking at the impact of the pandemic on children – an increase in anxiety, an increase in eating disorders, fear of mingling, a feeling that adults are pulling away from them, and disruption to their normal growth and development – they felt that the benefits of vaccination exceeded any risk.

Latest NPHET Covid-19 briefing (RTÉ)


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The results are in.

Last Friday, from a suggestion by Scottser and with a €50 Golden Discs voucher redeemable in any Golden Discs store on offer, I asked you for your favourite live act (and their best-performed banger).

You answered in your dozens.

But there could be only one winner.

Third Place:

Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nicorigo writes:

“Without a doubt I have to say Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Nick the man’s gigs are thrilling, compelling, hallucinated. Nick the man would dazzle his audience from just a stare. You might love or hate his work but you have to give him that, the man is bewitching.

“Here he is (above) performing one of his live staple, Red Right Hand, in Kilmainham Royal Hospital back in 2018, a show, once again, of biblical proportion. (hilarious little digression from 2:05).”


So Long Marianne by Leonard Cohen.

Penfold writes:

“Had the amazing pleasure of seeing him play at Lissadell House in Sligo. Ben Bulben behind the stage, Lissadell House in the background and the water to the right, it was an amazing setting.

“Took my parents and it was simply a magical experience. What made it more special, if possible, was my grandmother and grand-aunts had worked there as youngsters, and we just had to walk back to an old family house that was at the start of being done up and camped out after.

“Aside from when he met his grandchildren for the first time, I can’t remember tears in my Dad’s eyes other than at this gig.”


Samhradh Samhradh by The Gloaming

Paulus writes:

“One of my all time favourites; I’ve seen them a few times live, they practically had a residency in the NCH for a while. It’s hard to imaging a better interpretation, while remaining true to the spirit of the original song.

Iarla’s voice and diction are perfect for this. Thomas Bartlett’s pose at the piano can be a little theatrical but you can’t say he doesn’t engage with the music. I love every note of it, and of course they can re-create their studio recordings live because there’s no added flummery. This leaves them free to introduce a little improvisation based on a nod and a wink!”

Nick says: Well done, Paulus and thanks all.

Last week: Win Nick’s Golden Voucher

Golden Discs

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This morning/afternoon.

Ahead of Saturday’s All-Ireland quarter-final between Cork and Dublin shown only on Sky Sports…

“Unless we do something about it, we’re going to be stuck in a bigger county scenario where we won’t get to see our local county team playing on RTÉ. It’s beyond belief at this stage. We have had a torrid 18 months, Cork as much as everyone else needs a lift. There is a cohort of older people who are GAA supporters totally disenfranchised by this commercial decision that has left the grassroots reeling.”

Fine Gael senator Tim Lombard.

Down with the free market.

Another Cork hurling game on Sky Sports ‘a thundering disgrace’ – Senator Tim Lombard (Irish Examiner)



This morning.

RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Survivors and family members of some of the 48 people killed in the Stardust Fire arrive for a three-day pre-inquest hearing into the 1981 tragedy. 25 family members accepted an invitation to attend today’s session.

Survivor Antoinette keegan said

We’re hoping we get the truth on public record, once and for all. Because our loved ones went out Friday the 13th and never came home Saturday the 14th. So we want to know what happened to our loved ones, like our human beings, our loved ones.”

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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