Intricately detailed paper cut portraits of sealife, flowers and animals (and the initial pencil sketches she incises with a scalpel to create them) by Japanese artist Riki Fukuda.


Behold the Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept Aircraft – a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) short-hop ‘urban aircraft’.concept offering a glimpse of the auto manufacturer’s designs on the luxury aerospace market.

Supported by Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and the Rolls Royce aircraft engine company, the plane has a central propellor providing vertical lift with two smaller engines for horizontal motion.



Oscar Camps, of Spanish lifeguard group Proactiva Open Arms, tweeted:

The Libyan coast guard announced that it had intercepted a boat with 158 people on board and had provided medical and humanitarian assistance. What they did not say was that they left two women and a child on board and sank the ship because they did not want to get on Libyan patrol boats.

When we arrived, we found one of the women still alive, we could not do anything to recover the other woman and the child who apparently died a few hours before finding them. How long will we have to deal with assassins enlisted by the Italian government to kill?

Libyan coastguard accused of abandoning three migrants in sea (The Guardian)

The August issue of Village magazine is out now

Village is unashamedly Leftist. Its agenda is equality of outcome, sustainability and accountability.

These are all driven by the overarching goal of treating people as equals.

The right labours freedom to the detriment of equality, tending to fixate on the provision of choices rather than on how in practice those choices are exercised.

The non-ideological, non-visionary parties of the pragmatic centre hold little appeal for Village.

Depressingly, with a signal in June that it wants to go into coalition with Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael, Sinn Féin has signalled its immediate destination is that pragmatic centre.

For fourteen years Village has tried to champion parties taking egalitarian stances but it’s been difficult.

Our left has been – and let’s be blunt – remains a disaster, a let-down. That is not an accident. F

or historical reasons most Irish people, though they have a weakness for leftist rhetoric, are conservative and property-fetishising with a limited sense of the common good.

Many are viscerally hostile to an agenda of treating people equally….

Editorial, Village magazine


Our Hopeless Left (Village)


Evgeny Shtorn

Evgeny Shtorn, from Russia, is a human rights activist and asylum seeker living in Ireland.

He writes in the Dublin Inquirer:

I had been looking forward to the recent Pride Parade in Dublin with excitement. Back in Russia, I had helped to organise Pride events, but had never actually taken part in a parade, as they were always banned by the authorities.

…Our group was articulating a specific issue. Our banners read, “we are here”, “queer direct provision”, and “end direct provision”.

…We were ready to march. For most of us, it was the first time in an explicitly LGBT event.

Before we could make our stand, though, we had to wait. We waited for hours for other groups to pass by – the majority were huge corporations, banks, chain shops and new media companies who used Pride to advertise.

One after another they marched, their corporate logos decorated with rainbows. Two hours later, we LGBT asylum seekers, and other LGBT community groups finally got our chance to move.

Most of those watching the parade, those we wanted to hear and see our messages so they could think about them, had already gone…

Evgeny: My first pride parade wasn’t quite what I’ve hoped for (Dublin Inquirer)

Photo:  Jose Miguel Jiminez (Dublin Inquirer)

Last week, with a TWENTY FIVE euro voucher for Golden Discs on offer, we asked what song makes you blub like a big crying, blubbing baby.

You replied in your tearful tens.

But there could be only one winner.

In reverse order then…

Sheila Larkin writes:

“While not often found crying, I have been literally moved to tears listening to the Hozier song “In a Week” featuring Karen Cowley because it’s so fuppin moving and sad. Listen to those lyrics.Sobs.”

Clampers Outside writes:

“While not often found crying, I have been literally moved to tears listening to More Than Everything by Bombay 1 because it is so an incredibly simplistic and sparse, a song that simultaneously fills me with melancholy and joy to a point that it feels like it slows the beat of my heart…and I forgot to give it to the DJ at my wedding…. fupp… :(“

Bernie writes:

“While not often found crying, I have literally been moved to tears, listening to Storm by Lifehouse, because of its intensity and relevance, when missing close family members in other countries. Don’t listen to it if you’re of a delicate disposition.”

Spud writes:

“Alicia Ross by Canadian singer Kathleen Edwards.Written about a local girl who went missing and was murdered. She often welled up signing it live and it’s a beautiful, yet tragic song. I never knew the story when I first heard it.”


Niallo writes:

Try, Song to the Siren, by This Mortal Coil.  Go on, really listen to it, i cant anymore because it inflicts actual physical pain. Think Martin Sheen in the opening sequences of Apocalypse Now. (1979) I don’t know why, it just does…

Bubbling under:

Brother Barnabas: “While never found crying, I have been almost moved to tears listening to an upbeat panpipes-version of Bridge Over Troubled Waters because the cafe beneath my office has been playing it repeatedly on loop since around half 10.”

Soedgy: ‘While not often found crying, I have been literally moved to tears listening to my marketing manager give me design advice because he wants to make it ‘pop’’

Thanks all.

Golden Discs.

Last week: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Free next Wednesday?

Women On Wednesday writes:

We’re super excited for this month’s night of music, comedy and overall celebration and appreciation of female artistry!!

On the 25th July we’ll have incredible music and performances from Rosa Nutty and Lisa Loughrey Music.

We’ll also have a comedy set from our hilarious resident MC Eve Darcy!!

WOW is a collaborative initiative between Whelan’s, Aidlink Ireland & Born Optimisticc which aims to provide a platform for female artistry, while raising funds for Aidlink’s Girls’ Education Programme in rural Kenya.

Join us UPSTAIRS in Whelan’s at 8pm for a stellar night of entertainment and creativity!! Tickets €10/€6….

Women on Wednesday (Facebook)