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The magnificent Savoy 1 cinema

Further to news that The Savoy Cinema, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 intend to close their beloved Number 1 screen.

Tony Flynn writes:

I’m sure like me many of you have fond memories of seeing your first blockbuster there, also the fact that so many companies want to have their premieres there points to its unique standing in Irish cinema history.

There simply is nowhere else like it in the country for luxury and grandeur, we have enough soulless multiplexes as it is so come on folks let’s try change their mind before it’s lost to us forever.

Save the iconic Savoy Screen 01! (

Earlier: Stella!

An unemployed man explains to a Department of Social Protection deciding officer why he won’t sign up to privately-owned job schemes.

A surreptitiously-taped encounter apparently recorded at an Intreo job centre.

‘Snugnodge’ writes:

Final meeting with Intreo in job center with department of social protection and their deciding officer who are forcing citizens under duress or threat of zero income to sign contracts with private companies against their will..Make of it what you wish. Got cut off completely for nine weeks after meeting…

There you go now.

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Adair Lane Temple Bar, Dublin 2 this morning

A garda spokesman said: “We are investigating the sudden death of a man at Adair Lane in Temple Bar, Dublin.”

“His death is not believed to be suspicious. He is yet to be identified.”

The Dublin Simon Community sent their condolences to the man’s family this morning.

…[Simon’s] Sam McGuinness said:

People are tired, they are undernourished, their medication may not be used and they are open to other exposures like alcohol or drugs.”

Homeless man found dead in Dublin’s Temple Bar – with death not being treated as suspicious (The Sun)


A 23-year-old was pronounced dead after being found unconscious on Mill Lane at 9:45pm last night.

The man was rushed from Mill Lane to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda by ambulance. He was subsequently pronounced dead by medical staff.

Homeless Man Dies After being Found Unconscious In Drogheda (LMFM)



This afternoon.

Brown Thomas, Grafton Street, Dublin 2

The launch of The Marvel Room, showcasing the “most coveted and desirable gifts sourced from the finest brands in the world”.

Including a junior electric Bentley Continental GT (€425), as above, driven by Scott Ball (aged 5), who sold us a block of student flats in Sofia.

Will we ever learn?

The Marvel Room


Two of the residents of Morbid Manor last night


Also: Eeeeek.

Last night

Tayto Park, Ashborurne, County meath

The launch of Tayto Park’s new Halloween event, Morbid Manor, a spooky abandoned mansion and the “ultimate immersive horror experience with 13 actors in full costume”.

Ian writes:

Willing guests will pass through various rooms and secret passageways and meet the inhabitants of the haunted manor, both dead and alive. Before entering the manor, guests will have to make it through the CarnEVIL. Beware of the creepy clowns and jilted jesters that roam around the deserted carousel in Tayto Park after dark.

Morbid Manor is open to the public tomorrow Friday 20th October and runs on select dates until 30th October and is suitable for over 14’s. For more information and to book tickets please visit

We have a FAMILY PASS to experience Morbid Manor to give away to a Broadsheet reader.

To enter, just complete this sentence

My family and I especially deserve a night of crisps/horror this Halloween owing to________________________________

Lines MUST close at 5.55pm

Tayto Park

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