This morning.

Royal Dublin Society, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Staff empty ballot boxes and begin counting the votes in the Local and European elections (where the Green Party are on on course to top the poll in Dublin, according to a RED C exit poll for RTÉ and TG4, above) and the referendum amendment on divorce.

More as they count ’em.

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Mark Costello, of The Irish Field, writes:

Tough times for many working in media these days but did you know The Irish Field is almost 150 years old and going better than ever?

This weekend is a big moment for us in The Irish Field as we have given the entire publication a makeover. We think the new look makes the paper a much brighter read. Still the same content but hopefully presented a lot better.

Like the Irish Farmers Journal, we’re part of the Agricultural Trust, which is arguably the ideal ownership model for a media company these days. There is no single beneficiary – we answer to a board of volunteers who represent our sector and any profits are invested back into staff, technology, market research or even grants to. Print is thriving for niche publications like ours.

In fairness.

Tonight, at 10pm.

Red C exit polls* from the local and European elections for RTÉ and TG4 – as presented on The Late Late Show.

*They come with a margin of error of 4 per cent.

Strong support for Greens in Euro elections topping Dublin poll – exit poll (RTÉ)

Overwhelming support to ease divorce restrictions – exit poll (RTE)

From left: Posh, Ginger, Baby, Sporty  and Scary

Earlier tonight.

In Stoneybatter, Dublin 7.

Stephen Byrne tweetz:

Back where it all began….

Any excuse



This afternoon

Phibsboro, Dublin

Further to Tesco’s efforts to halt redevelopment of Phibsboro Shopping Centre/Dalymount Park…..

Paul McCarthy writes:

Voting underway in Phibsboro as a community decides how to fight back against a supermarket that sees fit to hold back vital development. #Texit

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Tally update:

This evening.

Paul writes:

81 votes cast between 14:15 -16:15PM. Phibsboro favors standing up to Tesco. Watch this space it seems…

Special rapporteur on child protection Geoffrey Shannon; journalist Conall Ó Fátharta

Conall Ó Fátharta, in The Irish Examiner, reports:

The Mother and Baby Homes Commission is obliged under human rights law to provide information to family members about where their relatives are buried — despite claiming it is legally prohibited from doing so.

That is according to a number of legal experts who have said that not only is the commission misinterpreting the Commissions of Investigation Act in claiming it can not release such information, but that it is also obliged to under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

In a report prepared for the Government on the human rights issues arising from the infant remains discovered at Tuam, special rapporteur on child protection Geoffrey Shannon pointed to two decisions of the European Convention of Human Rights which found that, under Article 8, “family members of a deceased have a right to information regarding the fate of their loved one”, and that this includes burial location.

There you go now.

Legal experts: Commission obliged to provide burial info (Conall Ó Fátharta, Irish Examiner)

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A look at the Iona Institute.

With ‘Atletico Spudland’, a new podcast from Spud Murphy (top), formerly of The Comedy Cast.

Spud writes:

I’ll be investigating topics I want to know more about and ones I think people should know more about too…

First up, I’m making a three-part series about The Iona Institute. In the first episode (above) I look at the make up of the company, why they’re on Irish television and radio so much and where they get their money from and what they spend it on.

Over the coming months I’ll be putting out more documentary podcasts and videos on topics like this much and more besides. Let’s rattle some cages and have some fun while doing it.


Podcast here

Four Courts

Further to Fine Gael TD Maria Bailey taking action after she fell off a swing at the Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street, Dublin 2…

Solicitor Simon McGarr has made some observations about the wider issue of personal injuries cases in Ireland.